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What is Werewolf?

Werewolf is a game of persuasion, negotiation, and unexpected betrayals. In other words, it’s politics. Werewolf is typically played by a group of 10-20 people, with an additional person serving as the Game Master. Over the course of a single game, players will have to sniff out who’s on their side, who’s out to get them, and who they can trust. We guarantee it will be the most fun you ever have on a Zoom call!

How is it Played?

Here’s the game works, assuming 10 players:

Initial Setup

  • The Game Master randomly assigns roles to each person.
  • 2 people will be Werewolves. They're trying to kill the rest of the villagers!
  • 1 person will be a Seer. They can see the true identity of each person!
  • 1 person will be a Healer. They can protect someone from being killed!
  • 6 people will be Villagers. They ... don't get any special powers, but make up the backbone of society!
  • The Game Master privately messages each player telling them what role they have. They also tell the werewolves who the other werewolves are. At this point, no one else knows who has what roles.


  • The Game Master says “Night falls.”  Every player turns off their camera and mutes themselves on the Zoom call.
  • The Werewolves privately message (PM) each other through Zoom and decide who they want to kill.  One of them PMs the Game Master with their decision.
  • The Seer privately messages the Game Master asking to reveal the role of one player.  So long as the Seer stays alive, they can build up an understanding of what roles everyone has.
  • The Healer privately messages the Game Master declaring someone to save. If the Werewolves have attempted to kill this person, that person will not die. The Healer can save themselves.


  • The Game Master says “Day rises.”  Everyone turns on their cameras and unmutes themselves.
  • If someone has died, the Game Master says “So-and-so has died” (though usually with more flourish).  Dead people cannot talk for the rest of the game.
  • After this, the entire village is free to talk.  They need to decide, as a group, who are the werewolves lurking among them and eliminate the fiends from the village.  Typically there will be free-form discussion for a few minutes, but eventually the Game Master will call for a nomination for who to kill.
  • Once a nomination is called for, someone in the village must accuse another player of being werewolf and nominate that person to be killed.  If another player seconds that nomination, the accused player is given the chance to defend themselves
  • After the accused player speaks their defense, the village votes on whether or not to kill them. If the majority of the village votes “Aye”, then that player is dead.  If not, another player must be nominated.  This continues until someone is killed.

Winning the Game

The Night and Day cycles repeat until the werewolves have overrun the village or the townsfolk successfully kill all the werewolves.  The Game Master will declare victory for either side as soon as it’s clear who has won.