Blue Squad is gearing up for its official launch in November.  As part of our QA period leading up to the launch, we want to help flip Texas House District 28, which has a special election on November 5 2019.

We're looking for volunteers that can help us test our mobile app while also making an impact on this important election!

If you're interested in helping, please apply >>>



Blue Squad will conduct QA testing between October 25 and November 11.  During this period, our platform will be functional but is also likely to contain several bugs.  However, there is an opportunity to use the platform to help flip Texas House District 28 during a special election on November 5 - in the middle of our QA period.


Under normal conditions, we would conduct our QA testing internally, but because of this opportunity, we want to make the QA version available to some outside users.  That said, we need these users to fit a certain profile so that we can have a productive QA period while still producing a result in HD-28.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for testers that fit the following criteria:

  1. Moderately digitally or tech-savvy:   You are regular mobile app users and are comfortable navigating through their phone.  Bonus points if you have experience working on or using an early-stage tech product.

  2. Personally connected to the HD-28 area:  You either live, are from, or know people who currently live in HD-28. Click here to see where HD-28 is.

  3. Willing to work with a beta version:  The app will be buggy.  If it breaks, we'd like to get constructive feedback on what happened leading up to an issue.

Testers do not have to fit all of these criteria, but the more they do, the better.

QA testing process

We will select and notify testers by October 25 that they have been chosen.  We will conduct onboarding and training sessions for testers in Austin and Houston between October 28 and November 4.  We will setup additional times for anyone not able to make those sessions.


During the training session, the following will happen:

  1. A Blue Squad team member (instructor) will instruct you on downloading the app from a special link.  Since the app is in QA, it won’t be available from the app store.

  2. You’ll create a Blue Squad account.

  3. The instructor will guide you through a series of “missions”.  Missions are small tasks you can complete on your phone to help campaigns win.  The missions you’ll complete are:

    • Tutorial: Learn how Blue Squad works

    • Matching your voter record

    • Selecting an organization to support (in the case Eliz’s campaign)

    • Syncing your phone contacts

    • Match your contacts to voter records

    • Contact your friends that live in HD-28 to tell them to vote

Each mission should only take a few minutes, and the entire training session should take no more than 1 hour.  Multiple Blue Squad team members will be available to help (and quickly debug when possible).


Once the training session has finished, you’ll still be able to use the Blue Squad app (the QA version) right up to the November 5 election.  You’ll be asked to fill out a survey after November 5 to help us collect feedback on your experience.

Why help?

We believe we’ve built something that can really help progressive candidates win.  By giving folks an interactive, engaging app that turns activism into something fun they can do every day, we think more people will get involved in elections, and more progressives will get elected.


Helping us test the app during an important TX House race will help us prove this is possible.  If we’re successful, not only will we have helped flipped a seat(!!), but we can also more easily convince other campaigns to use the app as well, which means we can help more progressives win.

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