Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Blue Squad support all political campaigns?  If not, why?

We only support campaigns and candidates working to advance progressive values. There are two reasons for this: 1) our team only wishes to support such campaigns, and 2) our users are only interested in doing the same.

How do you define "progressive"?

Our company has specifically defined progressive values as:

  • The belief that all people should have freedom from undue interference by governments and others in carrying out their private affairs and personal beliefs.
  • The belief that all people should have the freedom and accessibility to lead a fulfilling and secure life supported by the basic foundations of economic security and opportunity.
  • The belief that all people share a common responsibility to each other and should work toward social, economic, and environmental conditions that benefit civil society broadly.
  • The belief that human progress is driven by scientific and technological progress, and that this progress should be advanced by government, and only impeded under circumstances where there is a clear consensus that caution is essential.
  • The belief that people should work cooperatively and with an open mind and empathy toward each other.

Does Blue Squad share my information with anyone?

We will never share your personal contact info (e.g., phone, email) with anyone. We will also never share the contact info of any contacts you provide to us. It is not possible for a campaign or other organization to contact you directly because of anything you did on Blue Squad.

We do provide our clients with information about who their Blue Squad supporters are and what actions they've taken in Blue Squad. We also provide aggregated information about an organization's supporters to that organization, if they are a client.  Aggregated information includes things like what % of people the organization's supporters' contacts are registered to vote, what % are liberal or conservative, and so on. Aggregated information does not include names of the supporters' contacts.

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