Identify, persuade, and turn out every voter

A campaign powered by Blue Squad can connect with every possible voter for a fraction of the cost of a traditional campaign.

Blue Squad maximizes your campaign's potential every step of the way:

Blue Squad provides a variety of tools for recruiting volunteers and converting potential supporters on the sidelines into highly-engaged activists. Use Blue Squad to build a supporter base 5x larger than you would otherwise expect.

Create and distribute a wide variety of missions to your supporters. Go beyond vanity metrics like "phone calls made" and track which of your supporters are the most effective and how many voters you're actually committing.

Each person that joins your campaign in Blue Squad connects you to everyone they know in your district. Together you'll gain key insights into the demographics, political preferences, and number of registered voters.

Our unique relational organizing approach means voters hear about you through people they trust, giving you instant credibility. Guided by a series of deep canvassing missions, volunteers find the most effective way to engage every voter.

When it's time to get out the vote, Blue Squad automatically sends missions to your supporters asking them to remind their friends to vote.

Trusted by dozens of campaigns

A growing number of campaigns are using Blue Squad to better organize volunteers and foster deeper with connections with voters. See our full client directory.

Sarah Davis
Andrew Jeng
Naquetta Ricks
Madi Eden
Queer the Census ATX
Tara Zrinski
Ruben Major
Amanda Siebe
Austin BAA CCC
Angie Bado
Jessica Tiedt
Envoys for Humanity
Austin Asian CCC
The Rabble
Blue Action Dems
Flip the TX House
Demcast USA
Matthew Park

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