Identify, persuade, and turn out every voter

A campaign powered by Blue Squad can engage every possible voter for a fraction of the cost of a traditional campaign.

Blue Squad maximizes your potential across every stage of the campaign:


Build a base of supporters that will help you grow your campaign.


Measure demographics, voting status, and more to map out your electorate.


Make first contact with voters. Begin building your relationship with them.


Learn which voters need additional outreach and what matters to them.


Maximize turnout among your base and everyone they know. Time to win.

Blue Squad provides a central hub from which to recruit supporters and manage them. Assign activities, leverage relational recruitment, and track who's helping the most.

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Our relational registration and digital canvassing provide the most accurate map of your electorate. Supporters check their friends' voting status and use digital canvassing to pull in demographics and other critical data.

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Increase contact rates by 80% and dramatically boost your name ID. Voters are more likely to respond to their friends, while personalized missions ensure everyone is contacted.

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Discover which voters need persuasion and what you need to lock them in. Learn what issues matter to those on the fence. Automatically send missions to the supporters most likely to persuade them.

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Personalized reminders & targeted missions maximize turnout. Automatically send personalized missions to your supporters so they maximize turnout among their friends.

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