Reject Missions You Don’t Want to Do

Take more control over your mission feed with our latest feature

August 13, 2020

About a month ago, we released a major update to Blue Squad. This update included a brand new look to the home feed, weekly curated missions, and Personal Engagement Missions. These new features were each designed to provide you with the most relevant, impactful actions you can take each week to help build a more progressive world. That said… we fully appreciate that the missions we recommend to you won’t always be things you want to do. That’s why we’re launching yet another improvement to Blue Squad: starting today, you’ll be able to reject missions from your feed! Here’s a short video on how this works:

For those who prefer reading to watching, here’s how the process works:

  • For any mission in your home feed, you can click the tiny “X” in the top right corner of the mission card.
  • Clicking the “X” will flip the card and let you confirm that you want to reject the mission.
  • You will need to provide a rejection reason.  This will help us improve the missions we recommend to you in the future!
  • You still get points for rejecting a mission… though not as many as you would for completing it :)

That’s really all there is to it!

There are some interesting implications to this feature.  For starters, Blue Squad uses your rejection reasons to fine-tune future missions you receive in your feed. If you tell us you don't know someone well enough to confirm their voter registration, we won't send you other missions for that contact. Also, anytime you reject a mission from an organization you support, the folks that run that organization will get that feedback and they'll be able to craft more engaging, relevant missions for you going forward.

Hopefully this feature makes your Blue Squad experience more enjoyable!

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