How You Can Help Win Georgia

3 Simple Steps to Engage Your Friends and Flip the Senate

November 6, 2020

Here’s where we stand:

  • Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.
  • The US House of Representatives will remain in Democratic control.
  • Control of the US Senate, as well as the ability to enact bold, progressive policy that can heal and better our country, hinges on two runoff races in Georgia.

Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are both entering runoff races against Republican incumbents.  Ossoff will face David Perdue and Warnock will face Kelly Loeffler.  Both Democratic challengers are entering their runoffs as underdogs.  Ossoff is currently trailing by 2%.  Warnock appears to be leading but is down by 6.5% if you look at the split between all Democratic and Republican candidates.  On top of facing a vote deficit, runoffs are notoriously hard to win for Democrats due to low voter turnout.  All that being said, we can still defy the odds, win these races, flip the Senate, and chart a bold, progressive path for this country.  Here’s how...

How You Can Help Georgia

In order to win these races, we need to turn out voters en masse.  The most effective way to do that is by contacting and engaging the people we know in Georgia.  We’ve made this super easy to do in Blue Squad.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Blue Squad (iOS or Android).
  2. Join the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns on Blue Squad: search for them under the Organizations tab or just click these links from your phone: Warnock campaign / Ossoff campaign
  3. Check your home feed every week to find new missions guiding you to help these campaigns.  Those missions will include registering friends to vote, keeping them informed, and finally making sure they vote.

Finally, get everyone else you know (especially those in Georgia) to do the same by sharing this post!  Friend-to-friend outreach is 300% more effective than any other form of voter contact.  We can get every Georgian to turn out, and all it takes it tapping a few buttons on your phone every week until January.

Note: As of this time, neither campaign is officially associated with Blue Squad.  With Blue Squad, anyone can join a campaign to help it, even if those campaigns are not our clients.

Why Getting Involved Is So Important

As of 10:30 ET on November 6, here’s where these races stood:

Sources: Georgia Senate and Georgia Senate Special Election

Georgia law requires each of these races to go to a runoff because no candidate received 50% of the vote.  As you can see from the data above, both candidates face difficult runoff races.  While there’s little point in predicting absolute turnout, Ossoff will have to overcome at least a 2% gap while Warnock will have to overcome a 6.5% gap.  On top of the point spread, they face additional challenges:

  • Democratic voters tend to not be aware of runoff election dates.
  • Georgia suffers from severe voter suppression.
  • Existing methods of reaching Democratic voters suffer from poor contact rates (< 10% success).

These are serious issues, especially considering what’s at stake.  Excluding these two seats, the Senate is currently projected to be 48 Democrats and 50 Republicans.  Winning these two seats would effectively flip control of the US Senate to Democrats, since Vice President Harris (damn it feels good to say that) would act as a tiebreaker.  This would then give President Biden (also great to say) the ability to be more aggressive when pushing forward progressive policy.  Conversely, losing these seats would allow Senate Republicans to act as obstructionists.  Biden would have to work much harder to find compromise, resulting in weaker legislation.

We know that traditional voter outreach methods will not be enough to overcome the odds here.  While phone banking, text campaigns, and lit drops have their place, the data has shown again and again that they cannot influence people efficiently or at scale, especially with only two months to work.  In races like these, people will act when their trusted friends and family ask them to act.  Let’s engage the people we care about, help them understand what’s at stake, and get them involved in the process.  If we do that, we can not only win these elections, but we can also lay the foundation for a better future.

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