A Belief

To some people it's an app, to others it's a platform. But really Blue Squad is a belief.

April 20, 2020

Hi — I’m Shion. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Blue Squad. If you’ve stumbled upon this post from the vastness of the Internet, and not from our website, allow me to give you a quick summary of what we’re about.

The straightforward description of Blue Squad is that it’s an app that helps you get more involved in helping various progressive efforts, whether they be political campaigns, non-profits, or organizing groups. You can use the app to get missions designed just for you to help the groups you support. As you complete each mission, the app will recommend more and more things you can do to get more active in shaping the world around you.

Like I said, that’s the straightforward description. The real essence of Blue Squad runs much deeper. At its core, Blue Squad is a belief that easier access to political engagement will fundamentally shift the trajectory of this world toward a more progressive future.

That belief may sound like ..a lot. And it is — a lot of ideas came together to form its basis, and new ideas continue to influence its execution. The Blue Squad team and I are still figuring out how to bring this belief to life. We’re on a decent start but we still have a lot to learn. These posts, which we're calling Field Notes for now, will serve as an account of our journey. We’ll discuss things like what features we’re working on, the progressive efforts we’re helping, and the stories of people using our platform. During all that, we’ll also mix in our thoughts on how to build a progressive future.

So stay tuned, strap in, and let’s get started.

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